imagine if in ssb4 every character had an alt skin with zero suit



luigi bout to lay down the sick beats


luigi bout to lay down the sick beats

I wish someone would draw the rest of the cast waiting in line to get into smash 4.

I wish! If I had more time I would. D:

Hey what do you think will be possible bosses? Ridley is already hinted as one I think. Just not so sure. And is there more newcomers? Just making sure

Possible bosses could include Hades from Kid Icarus, Bowser Jr/Koopalings in the Koopa Clown Car, some strong legendary Pokemon…because bosses are being tied to stages, it’ll be harder to say who will be bosses or not.

And they’ll probably be more newcomers!  Still need some hype from E3~!

Zero Suit Samus: Analyzed!



Hey all! GuyWithTheFace here, with my first official article as part of the blog! I’m very excited to be part of this, and I’ll start off by discussing my old main, who was just announced to be returning in Tuesday’s direct!

Zero Suit Samus is returning in her own slot, and I think I speak for everyone who plays her when I say I couldn’t be happier! No longer will our favorite bounty hunter have to avoid the Smash Ball!

Is that a read more I see?  It is!

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I want pikachu wearing the Pancham hat from X and Y!

Nice alternate costume idea!

Smash Bros - Pikachu by Quas-quas




Which month do you think the 3ds version will release? I was thinking August.

Hmm…definitely after E3, though I could see it coming out in July or even the end of June.